La Petite Bande | Sigiswald Kuijken

Vivaldi: Le Quattro Stagioni (Download)

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La Petite Bande | Sigiswald Kuijken

Vivaldi: Le Quattro Stagioni (Download)

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Antonio Vivaldi

Le Quattro Stagioni

La Petite Bande | Sigiswald Kuijken


Catalogue ACC24179


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About the Album

Producers note: This recording was one of the first made in DXD after I adopted this format in 2005 (dCS prototype ADC's), still revolutionary in 2006 and most likely one of the first recordings fully processed in 352,8kS/s/24bit! I decided to have another go on the mix for the master files, now 16 years later with the progressive insight about and acquired tools over the years for this stunning high resolution. It was a pleasure to find the hidden gems within these tracks.

2022 Bert van der Wolf

While there is certainly no lack of recordings of Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons”, this recording gives a radically new insight into the well known work, and that within the framework of so called historical performance practice.

Our version differs fundamentally from all previous ones in two particulars:
1. It is played here as chamber music, i.e. 
no single parts are doubled. You also do not hear a chamber orchestra with a solo violin, but simply three violins (of which the first plays the solo part), a viola and a violoncello (of a kind described below), all of them supported by just a harpsichord. The continuo line is not doubled by a double-bass or a violone.

2. The “violoncello” used here is a “violoncello da spalla”, i. e. a “shoulder-cello”.

Album Tracks
1. Concerto In D RV403 1 Allegro 
2. Concerto In D RV403 2 Andante Et Spirituoso 
3. Concerto In D RV403 3 Allegro
4. Concerto In E RV269 'La Primavera'' 
5. Concerto In E RV269 2 Largo E Pianissimo 
6. Concerto In E RV269 3 Danza Pastorale 
7. Concerto In C RV315 'L'Estate' 1 Allegro Non Molto 
8. Concerto In C RV315 2 Adagio
9. Concerto In C RV315 3 Presto 
10. Concerto In F RV293 'L'Autumno' 1 Allegro 
11. Concerto In F RV293 2 Adagio Molto 
12. Concerto In F RV293 3 Allegro La Chachia 
13. Concerto In E RV297 'L'Inverno' 1 Allegro Non Molto 
14. Concerto In E RV297 2 Largo 
15. Concerto In E RV297 3 Allegro 
16. Sonata In D Op1 No. 12 La Follia RV63

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