In the past 35 years, a dedicated and highly proprietary collection of recording-, editing- & mastering tools have been assembled. Microphone techniques and post-production workflow, using these specialized tools, have integrated seamless with artistic and technical expertise. This all leading to a coherent and trustworthy result for every new release.

Both the HQMM® system and the HQ|NORTHSTAR branding, guarantee an optimal gateway between the musical performance and the ultimate experience at the listeners home.

The Northstar Recording Services studio is used exclusively for all the post-production and equipped for CD, SACD, 9.1 AURO-3D and Dolby Atmos mastering.





Recording Equipment:


- 12 PCS Sonodore RCM 402, 5 PCS CCM-65 &  8 PCS BLM-21, Boundary Layer Microphones, 2PCS MPM-71
- 2 PCS Brauner VM1
- 4 PCS Modified Neumann KM 104 series with active powering
- 2 PCS B&K 4012 series with active powering
- 2 PCS B&K 4003 series with active powering
- 2 PCS Sennheiser MKH80 series with active powering

Mixers, Microphone Pre-Amps & out-board gear:

- Sonodore MPA-508 pre-amplifier
- Sonodore MPS-502 PS/Pre-amplifier
- Rens Heijnis 10 channel surround Microphone pre-amp/mixer &
- Sonodore Battery powered MPB-508 and MPB-502 pre-amps

Digital Converters & - Clocks:

- dCS 974 D/D converters
- dCS 954 D/A converter
- dCS WC distribution unit
- 3 PCS Sphynx 8 channel DXD converter/MADI
- 2 PCS Merging Technologies HORUS 24ch DSD/DXD A/D converters
- PCS Merging Technologies HAPI 8ch DSD/DXD D/A converters
- 2 PCS Merging Technologies ANUBIS Monitor units
- 2 PCS Merging Technologies NADAC+POWER+PLAYER  D/A converters
- 2 PCS Merging Technologies +CLOCK-ULN units

Recorders & Workstations:

- 2 PCS Augan OMX-24 MOD/HD Stereo PCM/DSD recorder-workstation
- 3 PCS Merging Technologies Pyramix  PCM/DSD recorder-workstation
- V-CUBE, digital video recorder/player / Merging Technologies
- Video post-production PC
- NAGRA–D 96kHz/24bit Digital Reel-to-Reel recorders
- Sony PCM 2000 DAT recorder
- Dolby Atmos Suite


- Rens Heijnis 6 channel Monitoring Console
- Rens Heijnis 2 channel Monitoring Console
- RTW surround Monitor
- Spectral AUDIO DMA-160S, DMA-200S & 4 PCS DMA-100 stereo power amplifiers
- 7 PCS Avalon Professional Mixing Monitors (ceramique & Kevlar)
- Avalon Eidolon 'Special-X' & 3 Indra studio monitors
- Modified Avalon Symbol Sub woofer
- Audio Physic Yara sub woofers
- NP Subwoofer System
- 5PCS Musikelectronic Geithain location Monitors

Cables and Interlinks:

- Siltech G3 series & Custom mono-crystal microphone cables
- Siltech Professional MXT series
- Siltech Professional S3 & S4 Microphone Cables
- Mogami microphone cables & interlinks
- Crystal mono-crystal 24 ch break-out cables

SACD Mastering applications:

- 2 PCS Protech DST Encoder, SA-CD Authoring and Annex D&E Verification Applications
- 2 PCS Protech Super Audio Verifier PCI Card

All HQ|NORTHSTAR & Turtle Records® Productions are recorded with the extensive use of Merging Technologies equipment. Final decisions, wether in Stereo, Multi-Channel 5.1 Surround and/or 9.1 Immersive Audio, are made with NADAC+POWER+CLOCK-ULNx as a reference and "Grand Master". Playing back our digital content with a Merging +CLOCK-ULN reference, will give you a 1:1 calibration of the digital signal, as if using the original audio recorder/player at your home.

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