• All HQ|NORTHSTAR recordings featuring on the ACCENT label (Note 1 Music, Germany) will become available on The Spirit of Turtle platform in all high resolution formats, both stereo and Multi-Channel. Featuring La Petite Bande / Sigiswald Kuijken and Ars Antiqua Austria / Gunar Letzbor. This complements the catalogue of productions in the Web Store nicely for all the wonderful productions with these musicians we recorded. The coming months the titles will gradually be added.

Ars Antiqua Austria | Gunar Letzbor

This week 10, Stift Lambach Austria. Ars Antiqua Austria, Gunar Letzbor, Jan Krigovsky, Markus Miesenberger, Nina Pohn. Forgotten composer Ivanchiz, again Mozart quality…

NEW TSoT production, to be released coming July.

Maurice Ravel 

Lina Tur Bonet, Violin. (on gut strings)
Marco Testori, Cello.  (on gut strings)
Pierre Goy, historical piano and Luthéal

This week 9 recording works for violin, cello and piano by Maurice Ravel. The famous Tzigane and sonatas for Violin/piano and violin/Cello.

We are able to use original instruments from the museum MIM in Brussels.

Recordings with The Hague Residentie Orchestra /Jan Willem de Vriend

Schubert Symphony no. 6 ‘Die Kleine’ in the brand new Amare concert hall in The Hague.

"The Pope" of AURO-3D  visits The Spirit of Turtle

After many years of anticipation, finally, the godfather of AURO-3D, Wilfried van Baelen (Galaxy Studios, Belgium and CEO of the AURO group) visited the HQ|NORTHSTAR / TSoT studio to experience the recordings we produced in the (his) 9.1 format, on our terms and with our specialized monitoring of Merging Technologies NADAC+POWER+CLOCK, Spectral Audio Amps and Avalon Acoustic monitors. All in full immersive DXD of course. Wilfried was awe struck to tears about the results and what the system can deliver under these ideal circumstances. 

Wilfried said "Bert Van der Wolf exceeded my expectations which where already very high. He is an artist in getting the sound so pure and so natural for which he designed a special microphone setup (partially based on boundary mics) which allows a very high level of signal in each loudspeaker although that is not the way I experience it. At a certain moment, he put off the lights and it felt like the musicians were playing in front of myself sitting in the place where they recorded. Bert did countless productions in the Galaxy Studios Hall which I know very well. When he played them in his studio in that ultimate audio quality in AURO 9.1 it felt like I was in there in the same room as the musicians were playing. It is one of the most natural reproductions of sound I ever experienced"

His warmhearted approval on our take on AURO-3D makes us proud and confident to continue with this wonderful format.


Launch of AURO-3D Productions

The spirit of Turtle will release some 50 productions over the coming months that have been recorded in the 9.1 AURO-3D format. In close collaboration with the AURO team in Mol Belgium, all original 10ch DXD recordings will be encoded in the standard 96kHz/24bit FLAC for distribution. The format has the 4 height channels encoded in 5.1 files, which are backward compatible on all standard 5.1 Surround Sound systems, but with a dedicated AURO-3D encoder will deliver the genuine 9.1 result. For reference on the recording technique HQ|NORTHSTAR / TSoT is using find this article in our Blog posts & News section.


Nominated for an "Edison Klassiek"!
Song Cycles - Die schöne Müllerin / Schwanengesang / Winterreise
Congratulations to Christoph Prégardien, Andreas Staier and Michael Gees!


Vintage Challenge-Vanguard / HQ|NORTHSTAR productions are gradually added over time and for the first time available as high resolution digital download now!



The International Classical Music Awards (ICMA) nominees are publicly announced.
We are honored by the nomination of the late Bernard Haitink with Bruckner No.7


On location Recordings / 6-9 November 2021


Cappella Pratensis
Den Bosch Choir-books Volume 3


If it's Saturday, it must be Heusden!

The next episode in the great adventure with Cappella Pratensis, recording the Den Bosch Choir-books. What a joy to hear this magnificent vocal group filling the luscious acoustic of this great church in Heusden where the sun beams through with glorious rays of light. An inspiring environment to perform these renaissance gems.


On location Recordings / 2-5 November 2021

Stavanger Symphony Orchestra / Andris Poga / Baiba Skride
VASKS, PETERIS : Musica appassionata
PROKOFJEV, SERGEJ : Konsert for fiolin nr 1
TSJAJKOVSKIJ, PJOTR : Symfoni nr 6 "Pathétique


If it's Wednesday, it must be Stavanger!
Leading/producing recordings for NRK, the Norwegian TV/broadcasting corporation. Trying to deliver the best sound ever without being visible;-) Complex contraptions from the ceiling.

After 30 years waiting, finally Tchaikovskys Symfonie nr. 6, Pathétique, my all time favorite composition. A dream come true!
Thanks Stavanger Symfoniorkester




On location Recordings / 28-31 October 2021


Collegium Wartberg 430, Jan Krigovsky.

If it’s Friday it must be Bratislava!

New project for the Spirit. Contrabas Concerts by Johannes Matthias Sperger, famous contrabas player and composer(1750-1812).



    On location Recordings / October 7th 2021


La Sfera Armoniosa / Mike Fentross Concerti Grossi

Pieter Hellendaal, live concert.

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