The Spirit of Turtle

The World According to Turtle Records® CES Las Vegas 1999 Sampler (Download)

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The Spirit of Turtle

The World According to Turtle Records® CES Las Vegas 1999 Sampler (Download)

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The World According to Turtle Records® CES Las Vegas 1999 Sampler 

Various Artists, Clocks and Historic cars

Turtle Records®

Catalogue 098105


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About the Album

Turtle Records®, EST. 1997 and presented at the 1999 CES Audio show in Las Vegas, featuring the very first 96kHz/24bit DVD-AUDIO on the market. The format was not available yet and a team of specialists made it work on a DVD-video template.

The sampler was a colorful set of tracks that demonstrated the characteristics of the Turtle Records® recording esthetics and philosophy. In hindsight we had a funny, even a bit silly way of showing this. Not only with a wide range of musical styles performed in an acoustical setting, but also with samples of clocks and historic cars to show how much real life detail was possible to capture and reproduce on ultra-high end playback systems. At the CES of 1999, many brands used the sampler however, as the inherent quality was immediately acknowledged and our music sounded from plenty of demo rooms in the corridors of the Las Vegas hotels used for the show.

It was a wonderful start of a 10 year journey with some 30 titles added to the catalogue.

From 2008 onwards, new titles appeared under license on other labels, such as Challenge Classics/Jazz & Buzz Records, but the esthetics have always been the same, also with adding the Surround Sound and Immersive formats along the way.


Album Tracks

1 Leo van Doeselaar Concerto for organ solo - Antonio Vivaldi 11:14
2 Unknown Artist Pendule Clock 1 0:43
3 Carrefour Toccata - Sergey Prokofiev 4:44
4 Unknown Artist Cuckooclock 0:13
5 Jazz Trio Toïs Caravan 11:49
6 Orpheus String Quartet & José Luis Estelles* Clarinet Quintet 2nd mov. - Johannes Brahms 10:52
7 Unknown Artist Pendule Clock 2 0:51
8 Carrefour Visions Fugitives 7-10 - Sergey Prokofiev 6:17
9 Unknown Artist Stopwatch 0:09
10 Jazz Trio Toïs What is this thing called love? 5:50
11 Tony Overwater When I Fall In Love 4:01
12 Unknown Artist Store Full Of Clocks 1:09
13 Leo van Doeselaar Vater Unser Im Himmelreich - Georg Böhm 5:35
14 Tony Overwater, Maarten Ornstein Teardrops For Jimmy 5:36
15 Unknown Artist Oldtimers: T-Ford 1928 / De Lorean 1981 1:17

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