Jan Willem de Vriend / The Hague Philharmonic Orchestra

Schubert: The Complete Symphonies Vol. 2 (Download)

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Jan Willem de Vriend / The Hague Philharmonic Orchestra

Schubert: The Complete Symphonies Vol. 2 (Download)

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The Complete Symphonies Vol. 2

Residentie Orkest The Hague / Jan Willem de Vriend

Challenge Classics / HQ|NORTHSTAR

Catalogue CC72802


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About the Album

While offering little suggestion of the symphonic mastery he would attain less than a decade later, the First Symphony, influenced by Mozart’s last symphonies and completed in October 1813, is a remarkable achievement.
Schubert composed his Third Symphony over a period of about two months, completing the work in July 1815. The Third Symphony is generally characterised by an increased rhythmic intensity, at times bordering on obsession. We may well think of Schubert primarily as a wonderful melodist, but driving, sometimes overpowering rhythm is just as strong a feature of many of his greatest works.
The question of why Schubert left this B minor symphony unfinished has continued to exercise scholars. The most convincing explanation is that he simply found himself unable to continue on the same exalted level and resigned himself to leaving the symphony as it was – two movements of breath-taking quality and imagination. There is no evidence that he ever wished, in his remaining six years, to return to the work, or that he regarded it as “unfinished”. Beethoven's influence on the historic development of the symphony was staggering. His own examples, widening the expressive range of the genre, opened up a new world. Against this background, Schubert conceived a work of much greater poetry, drama and profundity than he had attempted in his previous symphonies.
Over-familiarity may well have blunted our appreciation of this symphony, which is strikingly original from almost every aspect. Apart from the concentrated, expressive quality, there is also a greatly enhanced sense of tone-colour, with much richer sonorities, and a new spaciousness.


Album tracks

  1. Symphony NO.3, D200 IV Presto vivace

  2. Symphony NO.8, D759 I Allegro moderato

  3. Symphony NO.8, D759 II Andante con moto

  4. Symphony NO.1, D82 I Adagio-Allegro vivace

  5. Symphony NO.1, D82 II Andante

  6. Symphony NO.1, D82 III MENUETTO-Allegretto

  7. Symphony NO.1, D82 IV Allegro Vivace

  8. Symphony NO.3, D200 I Adagio maestoso-Allegro con brio

  9. Symphony NO.3, D200 II Allegretto

  10. Symphony NO.3, D200 III MENUETTO-Vivace-TRIO 


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