Ewald Demeyere

Telemann: Les Nations - Overtures & Oboe Concertos (Download)

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Ewald Demeyere

Telemann: Les Nations - Overtures & Oboe Concertos (Download)

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Georg Philipp Telemann – Les Nations: Overtures & Oboe Concertos

Bach Concentus

Ewald Demeyere | Vinciane Baudhuin

Challenge Classics / HQ|NORTHSTAR / Turtle Records®

Catalogue CC72669


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About the Album

As few other composers, Georg Philipp Telemann (1681-1767) successfully drew on all the national styles and prevailing genres of his time in creating his enormous body of work, for which he received immediate acclaim: in Telemann we encounter one of the most versatile composers of the first half of the 18th century.

In an installment of his much talked-of periodical ‘Der Critische Musicus’, which was published in 1745, Johann Adolph Scheibe expressed his surprise and admiration about the fact “that Telemann practises almost all musical genres and national styles with the same ease and eloquence, without confusing or corrupting his taste in the least.” In the oboe concertos and orchestral suites Telemann does indeed deploy, to his heart’s content, an entire wardrobe-full of different (dance) costumes for his playful encounters with (other) nations, yet he never stoops to tackiness. It is this gift that sets him apart from his contemporaries and makes him such a fascinating figure among the protagonists who shaped the landscape of our musical history.

Album tracks

  1. Ouverture

  2. Menuet 1 & 2

  3. Les Allemands anciens

  4. Les Allemands modernes

  5. Les Suedois anciens

  6. Les Suedois modernes

  7. Les Danois anciens

  8. Les Danois modernes

  9. Les vieilles femmes

  10. Adagio

  11. Allegro

  12. Adagio

  13. Allegro

  14. Ouverture

  15. Sicilienne

  16. Angloise

  17. Musette

  18. Bateliere

  19. Polonoise

  20. Menuet 1 & 2

  21. Adagio

  22. Allegro

  23. Adagio

  24. Allegro

  25. Ouverture

  26. Menuet 1 & 2

  27. Les Turcs

  28. Les Suisses

  29. Les Moscovites

  30. Les Portugais

  31. Les Boiteux & Les Coureurs


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