Calefax: Romantic Kaleidoscope (Download)

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Calefax: Romantic Kaleidoscope (Download)

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Romantic Kaleidoscope



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About the Album

[vc_column_text]In the first fifteen years of its existence, Calefax performed just two works from the Romantic period: the brief and motoric, and as such rather un-Romantic Miniature Overture from Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker, and a suite of Franz Liszt's late piano works. The latter typifies Calefax's somewhat troubled relationship with Romanticism. While Liszt's extremely sober late piano works are indeed rooted in the Romantic era, they were unmistakenly ahead of their time, pointing to the twentieth-century quest for a way out of tonality's stranglehold.

[excerpt from the liner notes, by Raaf Hekkema

Album tracks

  1. Waldszenen - Eintritt

  2. Waldszenen - Jäger auf der Lauer

  3. Waldszenen - Einsame Blumen

  4. Waldszenen - Verrufene Stelle

  5. Waldszenen_Freundliche Landschaft
  6. Calefax Reed Quintet

  7. Waldszenen_Herberge

  8. Waldszenen_Vogel als Prophet

  9. Waldszenen_Jagdlied

  10. Waldszenen_Abschied

  11. Chaconne

  12. The Hebrides

  13. Maktub

  14. Aus Holberg's Zeit_Praeludium

  15. Aus Holberg's Zeit_Sarabande

  16. Aus Holberg's Zeit_Gavotte_Musette

  17. Aus Holberg's Zeit_Air

  18. Aus Holberg's Zeit_Rigaudon_Trio


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