Prokofiev: Romeo & Juliet (CD)

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Prokofiev: Romeo & Juliet (CD)

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Sergej Prokofjev – Romeo & Juliet


Turtle Records®

Catalogue TR0003


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About the Album

Prokofiev, himself a gifted pianist, composed and improvised most of his works at the piano, working them out afterwards in a particular form for diverse instrumentation.

In an attempt to discover a new expression of Prokofiev’s musical intention and spirit, we have transcribed the works performed here for marimba quartet, and in the case of the Visions Fugitives also use the additional sound palette of vibraphone, xylophone, glockenspiel, cymbal and other percussion instruments.

Album tracks

  1. Toccata Op.11

  2. Folk Dance

  3. Scene

  4. Minuet

  5. The Young Juliet

  6. The Montagues And Capulets

  7. The Death Of Tybalt

  8. Dance Of The Girls With Lilies

  9. Lentamente

  10. Andante

  11. Allegretto

  12. Animato

  13. Pittoresco

  14. Commodo

  15. Allegretto Tranquillo

  16. Ridicolososamente

  17. Con Vivacità

  18. Assai Moderato

  19. Allegretto

  20. Feroce

  21. Inquieto

  22. Dolente

  23. Poetico

  24. Con Una Dolce Lentezza

  25. Presto Agitatissimo E Molto Accentuato

  26. Lento. Irrealmente

  27. March

  28. Scherzo


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