Yuri Honing

Memory Lane (SACD)

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Yuri Honing

Memory Lane (SACD)

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Memory Lane

Yuri Honing with Large Ensemble

Turtle Records®

Catalogue TR0010


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About the Album

‘Memory Lane’ is the first album in which Yuri gives way to the lyrical, romantic corners of his personality. “I wanted hot tears, tremendously beautiful at every moment, striving for a certain poignancy. This music is to move people, and not just those who know a thing or two about music.”

Yuri admits that there was a time when he was a little embarrassed to be so outspoken. “This is new for me. I’m getting older and wiser and am less and less ashamed of who I really am. That’s very important in music, although you must choose the right moment to express that, so that it’s worth listening to.

While people often ineffectively hide behind complex improvisation, the importance of credibility increases if you play music that has a foundation that everyone can understand. With this music there’s no way out, and I am so happy that the right people showed up for the right construction, and that it all worked out.”


Album tracks

  1. Prism

  2. Infant Eyes

  3. Chan's Song

  4. Together

  5. Hermitage

  6. New York State Of Mind

  7. Sands

  8. For Turiya


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