Wouter Planteydt

Jotter's Whiffle (SACD)

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Wouter Planteydt

Jotter's Whiffle (SACD)

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Jotter’s Whiffle

Wouter Planteydt

Turtle Records®

Catalogue TR0011


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About the Album

The next SACD is one of my all time favorites and it concerns the great album Jotter’s Wiffle by Wouter Planteijdt. For me this is absolutely one of the best albums of the Dutch label Turtle Records. It is, musically speaking and as regards to recording technique, a triumph for the recording team, comprised of Bert van der Wolf, Fir Suidema, Harry van Dalen en Michael van Polen.

This recording is terribly realistic, very spatial, dynamical and airy, but with the same air and sound colors of the recording location itself (the Doopsgezinde kerk in Amsterdam) en no stories to go with it. When played on the proper volume this is almost 1:1 with reality. The CD layer is already very nice indeed but the SACD layer can sound even better this time on the right device. And that is extraordinary because that is not the case at all with all SACD's!

Album tracks

  1. The Bag

  2. Sorry Man

  3. Rockin' Chair

  4. Buckets Of Rain

  5. Oh Sister

  6. Long Face

  7. Sanctuary

  8. Me - You = Loneliness

  9. Nocturnal Stumblebutt

  10. Craving In Vain

  11. Some Mornings

  12. Home Made Songs

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