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Jos van Immerseel

Jos van Immerseel: Abschied von einem Freunde (Download)

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Jos van Immerseel

Jos van Immerseel: Abschied von einem Freunde (Download)

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Abschied von einem Freunde

Jos van Immerseel | Fortepiano

North West Classics | HQ|NORTHSTAR

Catalogue NWC 117196


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About the Album

Although many Viennese pianofortes have come to light through the years, the Tröndlin instrument used on this recording is certainly one of the most unique existing examples discovered in this century. The vast majority of antique instruments have been severely ‘injured’ in the course of time and come down to us in bad and unplayable condition with soundboard cracks, missing parts and twisted cases. This instrument, however, has been frozen in time in a state of perfection as if it had just left Tröndlin’s workshop more than 163 years ago! The musical insights of Jos van Immerseel combined with this instrument, afford us a unique vision of the sound world of Schubert’s keyboard: colors, phrases, shapes and dynamics that are simply impossible to achieve on modern instruments. Let the Tröndlin pianoforte on this recording be your time machine to the past, a window into Schubert’s inner world.


Album Tracks

1.Sonata in Bb, D960; Molto moderato

2.Sonata in Bb, D960; Andante sostenuto

3.Sonata in Bb, D960; Scherzo (Allegro vivace con delicatezza)

4.Sonata in Bb, D960; Allegro ma non troppo

5.Drei Klavierstücke, D946; No.1 in es, allegro assai

6.Drei Klavierstücke, D946; No.2 in Es, allegretto

7.Drei Klavierstücke, D946; No.3 in C, allegro


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