The Spirit of Turtle

Jazz Essentials Vol.2 (5 DISCS Download)

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The Spirit of Turtle

Jazz Essentials Vol.2 (5 DISCS Download)

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The Spirit of Turtle | Jazz Essentials Vol.2

Turtle Records®

Catalogue TR1007


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(Low Resolution excerpts)

About the Album

The Spirit of Turtle, f.k.a. as Turtle Records®, always has considered Jazz music as predominantly "acoustic" music and applies (almost) classical recording techniques to capture the soundscape and harmonics of a real life Jazz ensemble, as they manifest during a real performance whereby all musicians play simultaneously. Tradition of Jazz of course has its roots in dark alley pubs, but always the clashing of air molecules, rather than mixture of electrons in mixing boards, has determined the texture of the sounding result. This is the true Spirit of Turtle and these recordings have been regarded as some of the best examples of this recording esthetic for many years.


Album tracks

    1. Castle In The Air (Short Version)
    2. First Class Seat
    3. Pearl Diver
    4. Nut Case
    5. Frog Country
    6. Grand-Ma And The Wolf
    7. She's Gone
    8. Buzz Battle
    9. Authentic Turtle
    10. Castle In The Air (Long Version)


    1. Green Fountain
    2. Maninda
    3. Obstinato
    4. Fo4r Winds
    5. Carifusion
    6. Inner Paradise
    7. Siesta
    8. Summer Breeze
    1. Invocation
    2. Backdropping
    3. Quantum Story #01 (Slow-Fast)
    4. Just Friends (Loosely Coupled)
    5. A Minor Second
    6. Noodle Effect (In F)
    7. Pray
    8. Quantum Story #02 (Pop)
    9. In the Air
    10. Quantum Story #03 (Ballad)
    11. Quantum Story #04 (Long One)
    12. Deservi
      1. Walking Stick
      2. Frog Country
      3. Grandma And The Wolf
      4. Peaceful Daydream
      5. Authentic Turtle
      6. Buzz Battle
      7. Pearl Diver
      8. The Same New Story
      9. Well Done
      10. Castle In The Air
    1. Ghouls of the rame
    2. Transatlantic Connections
    3. The Song is You
    4. Take the A Train
    5. Radio A Haman
    6. Is he going?
    7. In the land where cymbals ring
    8. Night and Day
    9. Listen to the Goats
    10. Fluerette Africane 

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