Marc van Roon

Marc van Roon: Inventions & Variations (SACD)

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Marc van Roon

Marc van Roon: Inventions & Variations (SACD)

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Inventions & Variations

Marc van Roon

Buzz Records / HQ|NORTHSTAR / Turtle Records®

Catalogue ZZ76124


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About the Album

For jazz pianist Marc van Roon, these recordings are a dream come true. They represent the culmination of almost five decades of exploring, playing, performing, contemplating, constructing, deconstructing, searching, researching, reflecting, engaging in conversations, jamming, sense-making, traveling, instructing, sharing, dreaming and being.  For a long time he desired to allow himself full immersion in this genuine kind of improvisational exploration with its invitation to let go of habitual patterns and grooves and to resonate more deeply with the music and her deep generative source; a source that expresses itself in silence and sound so infinitely mysterious. Recording this music has been an invitation to improvise on a tightrope, letting go of preconceived design and trained artistic conceptualisations and has been a journey to the edge of technique and control with a strong refusal to repeat himself and an keen interest in taking risk and explore unknown territory. As an underlying framework he chose to use the printed keyboard scores of Johann Sebastian Bach. The result is beautiful album in which the listener can discover how to creatively connect the pre-composed orchestrated with the improvised ‘Jazz' of life to which we are continuously being invited: a ‘Jazz’ that encompasses and integrates both the sorrowful blues and the joyful swing of Jazz and life.

Album tracks

  1. Invention 1

  2. Variation 1

  3. Variation 2

  4. Invention 2

  5. Invention 3

  6. Variation 3

  7. Invention 4

  8. Variation 4

  9. Invention 5

  10. Invention 6

  11. Variation 5

  12. Invention 7

  13. Invention 8

  14. Variation 6

  15. Invention 9

  16. Variation 7

  17. Invention 10

  18. Invention 11

  19. Invention 12

  20. Variation 8

  21. Variation 9

  22. Variation 10

  23. Invention 13

  24. Invention 14

  25. Variation 11

  26. Invention 15


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