Karl Amadeus Hartmann

Hartmann: Simplicius Simplicissimus (Download)

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Karl Amadeus Hartmann

Hartmann: Simplicius Simplicissimus (Download)

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NTR Saturday Matinee Series

Karl Amadeus Hartmann – Simplicius Simplicissimus

Netherlands Radio Philharmonic Orchestra | Netherlands Radio Choir

Markus Stenz | Juliane Banse | Peter Marsch | Will Hartmann

Challenge Classics / HQ|NORTHSTAR

Catalogue CC72637



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About the Album

A native of Munich, Karl Amadeus Hartmann (b. 1905, d. 1963) ranks among the leading German composers of the twentieth century. A substantial portion of his œuvre, which includes eight symphonies and chamber works, had its origins in one of the darkest periods in world history – from 1933 to 1945 – when the Nazis were in power. This period, in which Hartmann gradually withdrew from public life and which eventually culminated in his own innere Emigration (inner emigration), represented a decisive turning point in his creative development. Before that time, Hartmann had adopted a playful, neoclassical style influenced by jazz and Dadaism with which he had hardly distinguished himself from his contemporaries. With no prospect of a performance of his work in sight, he subsequently created a musical language which, besides bearing the influences of Bach, Bruckner and Beethoven, was also highly indebted to those composers whose music the Nazis had banned, such as Mahler, Berg, Stravinsky, Prokofiev and Bartók. He employs this language not only in his symphonies and many of his chamber works, but also in his opera Simplicius Simplicissimus, based on the 1669 novel Der abenteuerliche Simplicissimus by Hans Jakob Christoffel von Grimmelshausen. The full title of the second version, presented here, is Simplicius Simplicissimus: drei Szenen aus seiner Jugend.


Album tracks

  1. Act 1: Overture; L’Hommage De Serge Prokofieff

  2. Act 1: Anno Domini

  3. Act 1: Du Sehr Verachter Bauernstand

  4. Act 1: Der Baum

  5. Act 1: O Lauf, Bub!

  6. Act 1: Tränen Des Vaterlandes, Anno 1636

  7. Act 2: Wald, Hinten Ein Kreuz.. Komm, Trost Der Nacht

  8. Act 2: Bäume, Lauter Bäume

  9. Act 2: Unser Lieber Vater

  10. Act 2: Mein Treuester Vater

  11. Act 2: Nun Simplici, Liebes Kind

  12. Act 2: Mein Lieber Und Wahrer, Einziger Sohn

  13. Act 3: Bankett Beim Gouverneur

  14. Act 3: Drei Tänze Der Dame: Schnell

  15. Act 3: Drei Tänze Der Dame: Lustig

  16. Act 3: Drei Tänze Der Dame: Furioso

  17. Act 3: Als Männer Sind Wir Durchaus Ehrlich

  18. Act 3: Lebhaft, Hochedler Herr Gubernator

  19. Act 3: Hauptmann Tanzt Mit Der Dame

  20. Act 3: Mein Gott

  21. Act 3: Schlag Mich Der Donner

  22. Act 3: Herr, Jetzt Seh’ Ich Wohl

  23. Act 3: Bravo, Simplici, Bravissimo!

  24. Act 3: Finale, Dank Herr!

  25. Act 3: Marsch, Es Dröhnt Die Stadt

  26. Act 3: Gepriesen Sei Der Richter Der Wahrheit!

  27. Act 3: Apotheose


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