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Händel: Händel's Memories (SACD)

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Al Ayre Español

Händel: Händel's Memories (SACD)

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Händel’s Memories: A selection from Grand Concertos, Op. 6

Al Ayre Español

Eduardo Lopez Banzo

Challenge Classics / HQ|NORTHSTAR

Catalogue CC72548


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About the Album

Something new and something borrowed. In the days that Händel lived, it was common to use an existing melody and make it your own. Handel's Grand Concertos contains a surprising quantity of newly composed material, as well as some borrowings, such as the memories or musical anecdotes, written with intense lyricism and certain sentimentality, previously absent from his instrumental music.

His “operatic” Concerto No. 8, written in the ill-natured, though also lovely, tonality of C minor, is one of the most dramatic in the collection, and concurrently possesses one of the most interesting structures. It starts with a movement based on the main motif of an allemande – “a German piece” – by Johann Mattheson, published in his Pièces de clavecin (London, 1714, the same year as Corelli’s concerts).

The Componimenti Musicali by Gottlieb Theophil Muffat, with whom the German composer exchanged music during the 1730s, provide Handel with some ideas from which he builds formidable orchestral movements in these concertos. “He takes other men's pebbles and polishes them into diamonds”, the British composer William Boyce used to say of him. It could not be more true when we observe the use Handel makes of these and other loans. Al Ayre Espanol with this performance makes us aware of the sheer beauty of this music, which always turns into gold in the hands of master Handel: new or borrowed. Grand concertos grandly performed!

Album tracks
  1. Concerto Grosso G-Dur Op. 6/I - I. A Tempo Giusto

  2. - II. Allegro

  3. - III. Adagio

  4. - IV. Allegro

  5. Concerto Grosso C-Moll, Op. 6/VIII - I. Allemande

  6. - II. Grave - Andante Allegro

  7. - III. Adagio

  8. - IV. Siciliana

  9. - V. Allegro

  10. Concerto Grosso G-Moll, Op. 6/VI - I. Larghetto E Affettuoso

  11. - II. Allegro Ma Non Troppo

  12. - III. Musette. Larghetto

  13. - IV. Allegro

  14. - V. Allegro

  15. Concerto Grosso D-Moll, Op. 6/X - I. Ouvertüre

  16. - II. Air

  17. - III. Allegro

  18. - IV. Allegro

  19. - V. Allegro Moderato

  20. Concerto Grosso D-Dur, Op. 6/V - I. [Ouvertüre]

  21. - II. Presto

  22. - III, Largo

  23. - IV. Allegro

  24. - V. Menuett. Un Poco Larghetto

  25. Concerto Grosso A-Dur, Op. 6/XI - I. Andante Larghetto, E Staccato

  26. - II. Allegro

  27. - III. Largo E Staccato

  28. - IV. Andante

  29. - V. Allegro

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