Lisa Larsson

Garden of Devotion (Download)

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Lisa Larsson

Garden of Devotion (Download)

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Garden of Devotion

Lisa Larsson | The Netherlands Chamber Orchestra | Gordon Nicolic

Challenge Classics | HQ|NORTHSTAR

Catalogue CC72754


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About the Album

Rolf Martinsson is one of Sweden's internationally leading composers. In this CD five works are gathered.
One work is for soprano and string orchestra: Garden of Devotion is a collection of poems by Rabindranath Tagore set to music by Martinsson in 2013.

In To the Shadow of Reality, the soprano is istead accompanied by string quartet in these five songs with lyrics by Swedish poetess Karin Boye.

A.S. in memoriam is a piece for string orchestra. Composed in 1999; it is a homage to Arnold Schoenberg.
A piece called Landscape for solo violin is dated 2010 and takes its inspiration from The Strand, a painting by Edvard Munch.
The disc closes with a work for chamber orchestra, Kalliope, composed in 2004.

Album tracks

  1. Op. 97 Trust Love

  2. Op. 97 Do Not Keep

  3. Op. 97 Do No Go

  4. Op. 97 My Heart

  5. Op. 97 Lest I Should Know

  6. Op. 50a A.S. in Memoriam

  7. Op. 96 Morgon

  8. Op. 96 Hur kan jag saga

  9. Op. 96 Fran en stygg flicka

  10. Op. 96 Du ar min renaste trost

  11. Op. 96 I rorelse

  12. Op. 84 Landscape

  13. Op. 66 Calliope Intrada

  14. Op. 66 Urania

  15. Op. 66 Terpsichore

  16. Op. 66 Euterpe

  17. Op. 66 Polyhymnia

  18. Op. 66 Melpomene

  19. Op. 66 Klio

  20. Op. 66 Erato

  21. Op. 66 Thalia

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