Quirine Viersen

Bach: Complete Suites for Unaccompanied Cello (2 DISCS Download)

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Quirine Viersen

Bach: Complete Suites for Unaccompanied Cello (2 DISCS Download)

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Bach | Complete Suites for Unaccompanied Cello

Quirine Viersen

BarcaNova Records / HQ|NORTHSTAR

Catalogue BNP1801


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About the Album

Quirine Viersen returns to the cello suites of Johann Sebastian Bach on the new label BarcaNova Records. She decided she wants to share with you the development she has gone through after deep inner work. Just as the cello suites were a new journey for Bach, they signify now the same for her. “How you are as a person, will reflect in the way you play the music. My story has changed and together with my journey also the way I play. More than ever before I have a story to tell. “

It was in 2010, just after the birth of her eldest daughter that Viersen recorded Bach’s cello suites for the first time on the label Globe - a beautiful and precious blueprint of her life at that time. “Those recordings are very much connected to the beginning of my new life. Your own life renews through the new life you gave. “

But after the birth of her twin daughters two years later, Viersen found herself in desperation about her life as a professional musician. She was less visible on stage because of motherhood and wondered why she wanted to play cello anyway. The music of Bach proved to be her anchor during this challenging period in her life. “Bach gave me, time and again, life energy. Through his purity he brought me back to my own purity and closer to the answer on my questions. “

So again, she immersed herself in Bach’s cello suites, fascinated by the process that composing must have been for Bach himself. Never had he chosen this form for his musical expression. Due to the enormous development in length and size of the structure, Viersen suspects that they have been an experiment for Bach him- self, possibly even study material. “The further you get into the suites, the larger the intervals and bigger the technical challenges. It demonstrates that Bach was becoming more and more aware of the enormous possibilities. Therefore I think I know that they have been a new quest for Bach, a new journey, a journey of which I have the honour to make it over and over again. Music is never the same, always in motion and therefore there is always a new story to tell.

Album Tracks

  1. Suite I BWV 1007 Prelude

  2. Suite I BWV 1007 Allemande

  3. Suite I BWV 1007 Courante

  4. Suite I BWV 1007 Sarabande

  5. Suite I BWV 1007 Menuet I-II

  6. Suite I BWV 1007 Gigue

  7. Suite VI BWV 1012 Prelude

  8. Suite VI BWV 1012 Allemande

  9. Suite VI BWV 1012 Courante

  10. Suite VI BWV 1012 Sarabande

  11. Suite VI BWV 1012 Gavotte I-II

  12. Suite VI BWV 1012 Gigue

  13. Suite II BWV 1008 Prelude

  14. Suite II BWV 1008 Allemande

  15. Suite II BWV 1008 Courante

  16. Suite II BWV 1008 Sarabande

  17. Suite II BWV 1008 Menuet I-II

  18. Suite II BWV 1008 Gigue

  19. Suite III BWV 1009 Prelude

  20. Suite III BWV 1009 Allemande

  21. Suite III BWV 1009 Courante

  22. Suite III BWV 1009 Sarabande

  23. Suite III BWV 1009 Bouree I-II

  24. Suite III BWV 1009 Gigue

  25. Suite V BWV 1011 Prelude

  26. Suite V BWV 1011 Allemande

  27. Suite V BWV 1011 Courante

  28. Suite V BWV 1011 Sarabande

  29. Suite V BWV 1011 Gavotte I-II

  30. Suite V BWV 1011 Gigue

  31. Suite IV BWV 1010 Prelude

  32. Suite IV BWV 1010 Allemande

  33. Suite IV BWV 1010 Courante

  34. Suite IV BWV 1010 Sarabande

  35. Suite IV BWV 1010 Bourree I-II

  36. Suite IV BWV 1010 Gigue


Additional photos: Hubert Koekenberg

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