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Audio Physic 25 Years (CD)

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audio physic

Audio Physic 25 Years (CD)

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Audio Physic – 25 Years

Turtle Records®

Catalogue TR75536


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About the Album

Audio Physic, an audiophile loudspeaker manufacturer from Germany, celebrates their 25th anniversary with this sampler of classical music from Turtle Records.

25 years of Audio Physic is an anniversary like no other. Audio Physic has been enriching the technical reproduction of music for a quarter of a century! This special sampler disc is an excellent example of Audio Physic’s motto: “no loss of fine detail”. Created in co-operation with the audiophile label “Turtle Records”, Audio Physic 25: Turtle Records Classical Sampler is not to be missed! This anniversary edition establishes new benchmarks in terms of sound with its perfectly processed production. The 16 pieces of classical music will captivate listeners with an absolutely flawless sound quality and extreme musical precision. When reproduced using top-class equipment, these recordings not ‘only’ sound fantastic, but also reveal the entirety of a piece and its artistic intention.

Join in on a journey of discovery through five centuries of classical music, from the Renaissance right through to the present day. Experience, for example, exquisite singing (track 5), which on the one hand challenges the acoustic neutrality and tonal balance of every loudspeaker to the limit with its facets and finest details and, on the other hand, captivates listeners with its ascetic purity within just a few bars. You can also enjoy the unabated and vibrant energy in the Rondo of Mozart’s Allegro KV 485 (track 4), played on a Steinway D grand piano, which gives the piece a majestic sovereignty whilst radiating youthful vigour and enthusiasm. Be it songs, large orchestral pieces or string quartets, enjoy the tracks on Audio Physic’s anniversary CD and let them whisk you away into a musical universe that is as exciting and diverse as life itself! Audio Physic 25: Turtle Records Classical Sampler has been compiled with the idea of not only demonstrating sound quality and realism in recording and playback techniques, but also to show the variety in modern playing practice of ‘Classical’ music.

There are many ways to look at classical music. One can take the approach of simply playing what is written down with the traditional instruments that are available at this moment, or one can try to investigate what instruments or different permutations of instruments were current when the music was written. The approach that Turtle Records has taken for this sampler disc is unprejudiced towards any choice or interpretation, but aims to show what different solutions are available and how all lead to a result that is very convincing and enjoyable to listen to. Music is sound, and when the sound is beautiful the music will communicate with the listener.

This disc brings you the opportunity to hear music played in different settings or with instrumentations other than was originally scored. This gives new insight to the music and it is quite often such a transcription communicates more easily then the original because it brings new colors and subtleties to the music!

Album tracks

  1. Second Concerto Pour Trompette, 2nd movement, 1954

    André Jolivet

  2. "Wohin" from "Die schone Mullerin", 1824
    Franz Schubert

  3. Quintet in D Major Hob. X:5, 3rd movement, Viola, Contrabass Et 2 Horns, appr. 1770
    Franz Joseph Haydn

  4. Rondo / Allegro KV 485, 1786
    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

  5. Gaude Virgo, 15th century
    Pierre De La Rue

  6. Variationen "Ei du feiner Reiter", aus Konzert fur Cembalo und Streichorchester opus 14. 1935
    Hugo Distler

  7. A duoi Liutti vnisoni, Canzon di Claudio da Correggio a 4, late 16th century
    Giovanni Antonio Terzi Da Bergamo

  8. Exerpt from 1st Symphony "Titan" (Hamburg 1893 version)
    Gustav Mahler

  9. Ich Kann's nicht fassen, nicht glauben "from "Frauenliebe und Leben", 1840
    Robert Schumann

  10. "Mache dich, mein Herze, rein " from ST. Matthew Passion BWV 244, 1728
    Johann Sebastian Bach

  11. "Eritana" from "Lberia", 1905
    Isaac Albeniz

  12. L'Arte del Violino, opera omnia III, Concerto 5, Allegro/Cappricio (no. 10), 1733
    Pietro Antonio Locatelli

  13. String quartet no. 1, 3rd movement, Quasi agitato, 1982
    Tristan Keuris

  14. "Falt mit Danken, fallt mit Loben" from the Christmas Oratorium, 1734
    Johann Sebastian Bach

  15. "Die Taubenpost", 1828
    Franz Schubert

  16. Wellingtons Sieg, "(Die) Schlacht bei Vittoria", op. 91, 1813
    Ludwig Van Beethoven


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