Spirit of Turtle

dCS Presents: The Spirit of Turtle (SACD+BLURAY)

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Spirit of Turtle

dCS Presents: The Spirit of Turtle (SACD+BLURAY)

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dCS Presents: The Spirit of Turtle

Various Artists

Turtle Records®

Catalogue TR75538


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About the Album

Pioneering engineer Bert van der Wolf launches new a collection of personal highlights from his ground-breaking career.

Bert van der Wolf of NorthStar Recording Services, has long been recognised as a pioneer of High Resolution recording. His 25 year career spans all genres, encompasses breakthrough technical innovations and is steeped in awards. In this new production, available on Super Audio CD, Pure Audio Blu-Ray and 24/192 Studio Master, he presents 14 tracks that represent his vision of the depth, detail and emotion of true High Resolution musical recording.

Bert has been making High Resolution recordings since 1996. Starting initially with the 24/96 formats, then moving on to 24/192 and Direct Stream Digital (DSD). He engineered the world's first 24/192 recordings in 1996. As a technical consultant he was responsible for the assembly and delivery of the first prototype eight-channel DSD recorders to Philips. Hundreds of the first Super Audio CD releases that appeared in the early 2000's were made using these systems.

This passion for excellence, true ‘high end’ performance and sense of innovation, is brought to life with the launch of The Spirit of Turtle. The new collection features fully re-mastered recordings of some of the most innovative and moving music in the world. The fourteen tracks have been selected personally by Bert from the NorthStar archive and represent some of the seminal moments from his recording career.

From Beethoven’s “5th”, Allegro con brio, to Maarten Ornstein’s Quicksie from Jungle Boldie, what unites the pieces is the pure experience that they offer.

Album tracks

  1. Teardrops for Jimmy
    Tony Overwater, Marten Ornstein

  2. Noodle Effect
    Marc van Roon

  3. An American in Paris (excerpt)
    George Gershwin

  4. Ravel's Tomb
    Rob van Bavel

  5. Allegreto grazioso - Opus 120,1
    Robert Schumann

  6. 5eme Grossienne
    Erik Satie

  7. Allegro con brio - Opus 67
    Ludwig van Beethoven

  8. Andante - Opus 52 Sopran I, II & Chor
    Felix Mendelssohn

  9. L'Amour des Moules
    Tuur Florizoone

  10. Quicksie
    Tony Overwater, Maarten Ornstein, Wim Kegel

  11. Finale (Feierlich, niecht schnell)
    Anton Bruckner

  12. Mars
    Dean Peer

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