Delta Piano Trio

Delta Piano Trio: Milking Darkness (Download)

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Delta Piano Trio

Delta Piano Trio: Milking Darkness (Download)

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Milking Darkness

Delta Piano Trio

Lera Auerbach

Challenge Classics, HQ|NORTHSTAR

Catalogue CC72963



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"With maximum tension and unlimited technical mastery, interpretations are created here that will not be surpassed for a while.” Siebe Rietstra | Opus Klassiek.

About the Album

If you mix every colour of paint together, you end up with black. Similarly, the darkness in the music of Lera Auberbach (b. 1973) consists of every imaginable shade of colour, from pitch darkness to dazzling light. The composer thus captures the mercuriality of life and the human psyche. Her music sometimes also depicts a dance with the inescapable: the struggle against Fate, the inexorable passing of time, an unattainable dream – but always with black humour and a dark though starlit sky. ‘Many composers create something “beautiful”, outside human reality,’ according to the Delta Piano Trio, who worked hard with Auberbach in preparing for this album. ‘Instead, Lera’s music is raw as well as human. She never eases up on what she wants to express, which would rob the music of all its fervour.’

It was Auerbach’s own idea to call this album Milking Darkness. The Delta Piano Trio feels that it is a fitting description not only of her work as a whole but also of the intense effect her music can have.

Album tracks

Lonely Suite - Ballet for a Lonely Violinist, Op. 70 (for solo violin) (2002)

[1] I. Dancing with Oneself 1:58

[2] II. Boredom 1:31

[3] III. No Escape 1:31

[4] IV. Imaginary Dialogue 2:57

[5] V. Worrisome Thought 1:09

[6] VI. Question 1:05

[7] Piano Trio No. 4* (2017) 18:34

[8] Milking Darkness* (for solo piano) (2011) 10:03

Three Dances in the Old Style, Op. 54 (for violin and cello) (2000)

[9] I. Andantino scherzando 1:43

[10] II. Andante 1:35

[11] III. Andante 1:20

Piano Trio No. 3* (2013, rev. 2018)

[12] I. Grandioso 7:03

[13] II. Andante libero 4:42

[14] III. Adagio religioso 4:46

[15] IV. Allegro brutale 9:41



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